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Citrus Science

Citrus is one of the original ‘5 Cs’ of Arizona...

-and "Citrus" is of the most searched terms on the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension website.

And questions about citrus, are some of the most frequently asked questions, answered by Cooperative Extension experts.

Citrus generally thrives in places with lower elevations and higher temperatures, and do very well in places like Yuma and Maricopa County.

Citrus can even do well in other areas in Arizona, as long as trees are covered during freezes.

Have a question about citrus?

Cooperative Extension's 'Citrus Expert' is Dr. Glenn Wright, who works out of Yuma, Arizona.  "Click" on his name, to send him an email.

Click here to head to Cooperative Extension's Citrus Resource Page for more information on citrus.